MC x DT Baits collab pop ups I Oily Chicken Scopex combo 15mm

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MC x DT Baits - a well respected old school UK bait company with a huge following on the Continent - were doing a special pop up collab at the Carp Den Bosch show. DT rolled them for us, according to a recipe Gio used in the 90s. First impressions by DT were: "Interesting question Gio :-) We only started talking about a collab over the Christmas holidays and when we have done this in the past with people we get to work coming up with something different however you took me by surprise when you knew exactly what you wanted. I'm not going to lie my first thoughts were I'm not so sure how this is going to work and couldn't wait for us to get back in the New Year to start work on it. Even Neil Messenger - who has been rolling DT for thirty years - double checked with me this is what the customer wants. The guys started to work on the pop ups and I have to say we all love the combination and think these will be very popular at Carp Den Bosch." And they really were! What's left, we put on the site for those of you who couldn't make it to the show. 

Cured versions are a tad more expensive due to the use of extra liquids + a very expensive, highly concentrated water soluble poultry extract that is very hard to find these days.