MC x Forgotten Flavours collab pop ups I Green Beast 12mm - 14mm

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For oldschool heads our 2022 MC x Forgotten Flavours collab will need no introduction. Aptly named and illustrated Green Beasts this combo is based around DT's original fantastic named flavour, a proven all time winner. MC's editor Gio recalls two occasions on which a handful of these saved the day on a Paris river Seine session and also during a Winter campaign on Belgium's Leaf Lake. When all else failed, Green Beast still did the job!

Rolled by Forgotten Flavours to their fantastic standards, full attractor package as created by Dieter includes:

Green Beast
Fruit appetite stimulant
Spearmint EO

Limited numbers only! 12 and 14 mm, both in white and washed out pink. Dropping Friday June 10th, 10am. Act fast!

*Perfectly shaped
*Ultra high buoyancy