Esterella corkball pop ups I White 15mm

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So many of you asked us for a couple of new pop ups of our own. Here's a fingerlicking sweet classic from us now in Corkball version too! The Esterella's came about after so many of you had asked our editor to roll some of his fav pop ups, after which he did do a limited batch of his best cold water combo (although it catches fish in Summer too). Based around a secret formula involving two types of esters, n buteryc acid and betaine, the Esterellas are quite unbeatable especially in cold water temperatures. A proven classic now. Handrolled to perfection by our good friends over at Carp Junky over in the UK! Very limited.

*15 mm only
*Perfectly shaped
*Available in cured white
*These come as a corkball version, for the pop up version see elsewhere on here.