Big fish kill going on at Lac du Der

Big fish kill going on at Lac du Der

In the past few weeks, numbers of carp have been dying over at Lac du Der Chantecoq. Not only carp but numerous other species like catfish, birdlife and, rumour has it, deer too.

Official sources speak of only 70 dead carp, mainly caused by post spawning stress as a local newspaper reports. However, if one adds up all testimonies by local and international anglers in Facebook groups and the like that number can easily be multiplied by ten or even more.

There's little official info of what is going on exactly and if or when a water analysis has been made. On the ground people are pointing the finger to construction works, to the anti mosquito treatment that happened like when the other big fish kill at du Der happened in 2004, others think of algae/weed/oxygen problems, also mentioned is botulism, excessive swan feces, etc. etc. Nothing is sure though and only guessing at this point. If anyone out there can help us with official info or personal testimonies, please email us on 

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