About Us

We're 80s kids, discovering carp fishing in the early 90s and having peers like Rod Hutchinson, Alijn Danau, Terry Hearn and the like. We read loads of stuff back in the day, Alijn's Karperblues being a big inspiration, as well as the first VBK mags, Terry's In Pursuit and lots more, mainly English stuff. It gave us a feeling of fishing being more than just catching, it's the friendships, the laughs, the curries, the disasters, just everything around it that make this thing of ours just so special. It's something that went a bit missing in this day and age of social media. Just pictures, no stories. Just pounds or kilo's, no emotions.

With Monkey Climber magazine we aim to bring this back. Started out in 2010 as a mere fun idea (a birthday present actually) this Dutch/Flemish written alternative, indie mag grew out to being a well-established name in both the under/overground scene. Never expected this, so we cannot thank you enough. 

Our big dream still us to produce some English written printed work in the nearby future so keep your eyes peeled!

Big love,