We ship on a daily basis, worldwide, at the lowest rates we can find over here in Belgium. We only ship track & trace these days, even the smallest of items (we're sorry, but lost way too much stuff with normal post). 

That being said, this is a one man op. Sometimes there's just too many orders to guarantee next day shipment, or we might have to wait one or two days for a delivery to come in, or we might need to do some needle work (like the pocket tees and crews we make to order over here), or we might have some urgent magazine work/feature to do, etc. Please bear with us and don't let this put you off, lol. Some people except us to be like Amazon, or Zalando & we would just like to explain we are not. 

We pride ourselves in being an alternative, indie brand offering you the best possible service and we would like to thank you for your continuous support. X