Free Alan Blair MC#12 posters on March 12 & 13th

Free Alan Blair MC#12 posters on March 12 & 13th

No Euro Banx Beats unfortunately on March 12th, the event is postponed for Covid reasons still until later this year. Follow the Facebook event page & stay tuned. However, Alan Blair & Oli Davies will still be around in Belgium during the full weekend. 

On March 12th Alan & Oli will be visiting Hengelsport De Poorter in Ghent for the annual Nash Day. Come down to have a chat, see the latest products, promotions, rigs, etc. At the end of the day there will be a slideshow as well with Alan & Oli focussing on their Benelux angling. We'll be there the full day too & we'll bring big ass posters of our MC#12 cover with a camoud up Alan. Free for anyone who buys something from us during the open day! Have it signed by Alan too!

On March 13th Alan & Oli will host another slideshow over at Hotel Domein Polderwind in Zuienkerke near Bruges, a fantastic location with a big sandpit being run as a syndicate since recently. Hope to see you boys and girls there too. There's the option to have dinner afterwards. If there's any remaining posters from the Saturday, we'll bring them down there too.


  • Kenni holmberg

    Is there a chance i can purcase a poster online 😃…?

  • Dean Jordan

    Any chance I could have have a poster please 🙏🙏

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