Looking back at a fantastic weekend with Alan Blair & co

Looking back at a fantastic weekend with Alan Blair & co

Last Friday I had some serious varicose veins surgery and still trying to recover from it. Just received some pics from the weekend prior to that and wanted to update you all.

On Friday March 11th, right before the Hengelsport Depoorter Open Day we fished a secret castle lake and had some sick night shots by Willem Kwinten photography, went straight to the show on Saturday where our photographer Zjerome paid us a visit.

That night I tried getting Alan and Oli getting on two of my syndicates but both were busy and then thanks to some customers and friends (Maarten, Lieven & Marino) we could get our English friends yet on another venue. On Sunday morning, right before packing for the Polderwind slideshow, Alan's right hand right was off resulting in a proper old common.

Sick weekend with sick laughs and lovely people, more of this please!


Here's a little photo impression for you made by Willem, Canyon, Oli and Zjerome:

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