Mk.2 MC x Geert Ooms Stainless Steel bobbins dropping this Sunday

Mk.2 MC x Geert Ooms Stainless Steel bobbins dropping this Sunday


For a long time we wanted to do these stainless steel hangers of our own and it was Belgian legend Geert Ooms who helped us out two or maybe three years ago with the right bits and contacts! This was a limited run only, selling out in a jiffy. Weighing 58gr per piece, ideal for long range fishing and big currents on the canals and river systems. Highly wanted by collectors too. FYI: The main pic here shows the Mk.1 version which is sold out.

Since then Geert launched his own bobbin/indicator brand and we've decided to do a proper collab this time, creating an Mk. 2 version with a number of improvements. Here's what Geert has to say:

"A Monkey Climber collab, it had to be organised anytime soon, right? Well, what better time than now with the launch of this Monkey Metal Bobbin!

Indestructible, compact, heavy and stylish, that's how you can best describe the Monkey Metal Bobbin! Loads of canal, river and big pit anglers, but also all Monkey Climber fans and followers will be keen to have this slick bobbin in their collection!

The design for this bobbin is based on the existing FMB in the GO-range, this means that the o-rings are concealed into designated machined chambers to maintain the stylish stainless look. Due to the nicely rounded edges, this bobbin is just looking fabulous. And of course, there's the laser etched Monkey Climber logo to complete the one-of-a-kind look! FYI: See all the other pics.

diameter 20mm - 26mm length


60 gram

Stainless steel - laser etched logo

Per package:

Bobbin only. Two o-rings are included.
Lineclips, hockey sticks or chains are not included but are available as an option. Choose 'complete kit' in the drop down menu if you like to order a complete/full hanger."

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