Monkey Climber x DT Baits collab pop ups @carpdenbosch

Monkey Climber x DT Baits collab pop ups @carpdenbosch

DT Baits, on of our fav bait brands when growing up as a carp angler in the 90s, is back on the Continent and will attend Carp Den Bosch this year.

The OG old school bait brand is releasing a new, exciting bait - the first full range in a decade for DT - which will be presented at the show and also on the backcover of our upcoming mag.

Monkey Climber is more than pleased to announce an exclusive pop up collab with DT for the show as well, based on a combo Gio did very well on back in the day: Oily Chicken with Scopex and sweetner, fingerlicking good! Coming in two colours: Orange and Washed Out Pink. 15mm. Limited numbers only.

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