Special edition MC x EFB Big Mama pop ups!

Special edition MC x EFB Big Mama pop ups!

Back in '99 Pascal Praet, myself and Sebas formed a baiting team on a local nature reserve. My first ever capture from the baited spot was Big Mama, an underground secret back in the day, at over a whopping 21 kilos (huge back then lol). Later that year Pascal caught it in Autumn at 23,8 kilos. Here's some mega memories and shots I took. 

In the early 2000s Pascal created Extreme Fishing Baits, also known as EFB, out of the ashes of the Belgian branch of a Dutch bait company. When I had just finished uni and didn't find a job, I occasionally helped Pascal with rolling even and now, for his first open day ever this Saturday, I made him a batch of limited edition pop ups. 

These Big Mama specials are named after the elusive nature reserve target we both managed to catch back then and are rolled with EFB's flagship flavour blend called Secret. Two days later our house still stinks of it :-) Coming in two diameters, 14mm in a darker cherry red and 16mils in a more normal red. Cured versions available as well. Majority will go to the open day but we've saved a few tubs for our webstore, for collectors and users of something rather special.

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