The Pearl from the South

The Pearl from the South

David Rosemeier recounts: "As so often, our fishing tells the most incredible stories.... Already during my drive south, the thought of this particular fish haunted my mind. But when I arrived at the river, accompanied by rain and more rain, the sobering realisation immediately followed: high tide, nothing to see in the murky depths - especially not the big, dead tree, whose branches stretched through the course of the river like gnarled fingers. I decided to just bait up for now, to come back later, that is, to cross the narrow, rocky road back with the Sprinter. Sensation ahead! 🚐

On my second passage, the little paradise welcomed me with open arms. A good feeling spread when both rods were finally in small spots after a long search. What I had in the arms of my landing net the next night I never dared to dream 😇 here he is now and finally we both get to know each other 🙌🏼"

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