Unique piece: MC x Stuart Chowles Floater Rod

Unique piece: MC x Stuart Chowles Floater Rod

Here's 1 of 3 three different floater rods Stuart Chowles rodbuilding made for us.


- 12ft 2.25lb American Tackle Atrex Blanks.
- 1K Matt Carbon finish
- Slim, light blank - 12.6mm at the reel seat.
- Forgiving tip for light hook lengths and small hooks with reserves in the butt when needed.
- Both blanks have been lathe polished.
- Both rods have an American Tackle CRSD-CF 18mm Soft touch, black reel seat - (Fuji DPS style)
- American Tackle Vortex Air Guides - 30mm double foot on the butt section with the tip having, 25, 20, 16, 12, 10, 10mm single foot intermediates and an 8mm Delta anti-frap tip ring.
- A MC laser etched logo, MC decal, hand written details and bespoke heavy duty rod bag finish these rods off.
- Built with a full length wave cork handle with rubberised cork accents.
- The guides have burgundy whippings with cinnamon detail, with the same colour scheme for the foregrip.

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