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At the end of the last Carp Den Bosch show we bought all open trade packs from DT Baits, a UK bait brand of old school fame and a personal fav of us here at MC. We know of a lot of you (will) like these too, so that's why we made these available on the site for now. Once it's gone it's gone, unless... your demand is so strong so we might be continuing this :-)

DT Baits offer a selection of quality pop ups and provide the carp angler a choice between our boilie matched pop ups and our ‘cult classic’, high attract pop ups.

All of our matched pop ups have been carefully developed to closely match their corresponding boilies and contain the same quality flavours and attractors to ensure that they are just as enticing to feeding fish. Available in a range of colours and sizes to allow the angler to alter their approach when necessary, our matched pop ups can prove just as productive when fished as single hook baits, cast towards showing fish, as when fished over a spread of matching bottom baits. 

It’s no secret that our ‘cult classic’ pop ups have accounted for plenty of large carp and really come into their own on pressured waters where the fish have learned to feed cautiously around large beds of matching boilies. On these more tricky waters, varying your hook bait can often result in unexpected bonus takes by catching wary carp off guard. Produced in 4 classic flavours and produced to historical DT recipes, our cult classic pop ups can be fished over any bait, but will also catch carp when fished on their own as high attract singles.

All of our pop ups are based on our unique natural pop up mix which eliminates the requirement for glass microspheres, whilst offering improved buoyancy, making them some of the best pop ups for the Ronnie rig, stiff hinge rig and chod rig. Finished to a regular, fine spongy texture all of our pop ups are highly resilient to diving birds and nuisance fish.

  • Cold Water Green Beast hard hookbaits 15mm: " Extremely high levels of milk proteins and textured ingredients, promote fast digestion and continued feeding. Renowned as the go to bait for the winter months, Coldwater Green Beast has an unparralled reputation."
  • Cult Classic Bubblegum Red pop ups 15mm: " Extremely powwerful pink bubblegum flavour worth fishing in winter when the fish and water chemistry are slow. High levels of attractant and punchy colours ensure attraction from a distance."
  • Cult Classic Scopex Yellow pop ups 15mm: "A classic flavour with an incredible cv - powerful sweet flavour rounded with a creamy buttery note, these yellow pop-ups are a must for any tackle bag."
  • Cult Classic Strawberry & Condensed Milk Pink pop ups 15mm: "These strawberry & condensed milk pop ups are the real deal. Fluro pink in colour with the powerful strawberry and the condensed milk back note these are amazing pop ups."
  • Cult Classic Tutti Frutti Orange pop ups 15mm: "This is one of the old time favourites for many anglers. We consider our Tutti Frutti flavour to be the very best in the market and these pop ups are a mega addition to your armoury."
  • Zingers Washed Out Orange pop ups 15mm: "With the washed out appearance which appears less suspscious, the punchy fresh orange flavour pops to ensure attraction from a distance."
  • Take 4 Green Beast pop ups: 'Introducing our all new stacker 12mm pop ups with a different take on the legendry Green Beast in these handy size pots saving you space and carrying around multiple pots. These pots are reusable and refills will be available should you end up using one particular type. Each pot contains over 20 hook baits ensuring you have more than enough for each session. PINK
    Green Beast/Bubble gum ORANGE Green Beast/Tutti Frutti YELLOW Green Beast/Orange WHITE Green Beast