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At the end of the last Carp Den Bosch show we bought all open trade packs from DT Baits, a UK bait brand of old school fame and a personal fav of us here at MC. We know of a lot of you (will) like these too, so that's why we made these available on the site for now. Once it's gone it's gone, unless... your demand is so strong so we might be continuing this :-)

DT Baits Boilie Flavours have earned a reputation for being some of the purest and most concentrated liquid flavours ever produced and have set the bar in boilie flavourings for many years now. Each of the flavours within our range is either human grade, nature identical, or has been produced to a pharmaceutical standard, making them of the highest quality achievable.

Perfect for anyone wishing to make tailored boilies, pop ups or wafters to their own recipe, or for anybody wanting to make any of our range of boilies or hookbaits at home, each flavour is contained within a glass bottle to alleviate contamination from plastic and features a label detailing the optimum inclusion level, making it easy to produce perfect carp baits every time.

Something to consider for anyone needing to create their own unique flavour and attractor package is that it often helps to create 'flavour synergies' by combining two flavours from opposite ends of the spectrum: sharp and soft, creamy and astringent, savoury and fruit. By doing this, all the carp's flavour receptors are activated and the impact increased.

  • Green Beast: "What is Green Beast? Well, it is blackcurrant at its best but blended with just a hint of a secret back note which sets it apart. It is without doubt one of the best winter flavours ever. Use with our Cold Water Mix, Lump Liquid and to flavour free bait. However,  it is just as effective when used in combination with the Pukka Fish Mix."
  • Tutti Frutti: "A true classic in it’s own right, responsable for more captures of carp than we can count. Indentical to the original of yesteryear and one of the best winter flavours of all time! When used in conjuction with our Cold Water mix and Milk B palatent you are left with possibly the best winter bait ever to be used! Doseage: 3 to 6 ML per 1kg of base mix."
  • Toasted Nut: "This blend of nut aromas is out on its own. It is a very good fish catcher and an outstanding flavour that can be mixed with any of our powdered or liquid range.Dosage/ 3-6ml per 1kg of base mix."
  • Bubblegum: "The original pink bubblegum, a 90s DT classic still going strong!"
  • Condensed Milk: "A rich dairy flavour with the bite of diacetyl which produces a beacon for carp to home in on."
  • Fresh Orange: " Fresh cut orange flavour. Use in conjunction with our Fish Blood and Fresh Orange Mix to produce a powerful combination flavour. Dosage/ 3-5 ml per 1kg of base mix." Use on its own in a fish or birdfood mix or mix up with any chocolate flavour on a a milk base.
  • Oily Chicken: "Rich roasted chicken flavour - it's an outstanding product which works well in fish mixes. Dosage/ 2-5ml per1 kg of base mix." Tip from Gio: mix up with Scopex at a 5:2 ratio and add a dash of sweetener.
  • Pacific Anchovy: "This subtle but highly effective flavour proved a winner after extensive field testing. Its smell and taste profile is as close to a real anchovy as you can get. Best blended with the Fish Blood & Fresh Orange base mix with GLM, and DNA Fish Pro. Blends well with Squid & Octopus. Dosage/ 5 to 8ml per 500g of base mix." As used in the MC x Chris Ball pop ups, combined with some old Hutchy stuff there.
  • Pineapple Chunks: "Real pineapple flavour which is both sweet, and zingy - it works well with condensed milk, chocolate and ripe banana flavours. Dosage/ 3-5ml per 1kg of base mix."
  • Ripe Banana: "Ripe banana flavour, which is used in the confectionery industry because of its very high boiling point, means that in boilies and pop-up making it doesn't boil out. Combine with any sharp or acid flavour for optimum flavour spectrum coverage. Dosage/ 4-6ml per 1 kg of base mix."
  • Scopex: "A classic flavour at the heart of carp fishing for over 40 years. A powerful creamy buttery taste, with a sour note that comes through from the proven attractant diacytile. It works well in combunation with an array of fruit flavours. Recommended dosage 2 to 6ml per 1kg of base mix." One of the best Scopex flavours you can find today!
  • Strawberry Nectar: " When you read our product information on our TasteTracts this has to be one that epitomises the quality of them. It is so close to the aroma of a strawberry that it smells like freshly sliced fruit. This is an absolute winner and works well in our Cold Water Mix.Dosage/ 2-6ml per 1kg of base mix."
  • Sweet Damson: "Damson is a type of plum, and produces a very distinctive and heady smell of summer plums. It works very well with our Lump Liquid and blends well with any of our base mixes. It seems to excel more in the winter months and is definitely a big fish catcher on the more pressured venues. Dosage/ 3-6ml per 1kg of base mix."
  • Squid & Octopus: " A very potent fish aroma with a twist developed on our own base. This flavour has excellent solubility in water and a high boiling point so very low levels are needed when making your own baits. Works very well in conjunction with any of DT's or other Fishmeal base mixes."
  • Black Crab: "This unique and distinctive flavour is used in the food industry and is of the highest quality. It blends extremely well with our Pukka Fish mix and Garlic. This flavour will certainly fool even the wariest of carp. In testing, this flavour  blended well with our Sour Cream flavour at a ratio of 3 to 1: Black Crab – Sour Cream."
  • Sour Cream: "This product is used in the baking industry. A sour smell in the bottle, but it comes through brilliantly in the bait. The backbone of its makeup is Butyric Acid which carp love. It is based on an oil, and is a blend which we found with the help of one of the flavour houses. It works well on its own as a very subtle flavour in a bait, or as a great combination with the Juicy Peach."
  • Juicy Peach: "This product is our best selling TasteTract flavour in Europe. We searched though a number of potential suppliers, and this one proved to be the most outstanding. You actually think that you are smelling a freshly cut juicy peach. When field testing this product the results were astonishing. It seems to blend very well in the Pukka fish mix, together with the Sour Cream flavour. Other great combinations are Peach with Pineapple Chunks or Fresh Orange."
  • Hot Dog: "Hot Dog is a genuine frankfurter flavour with added garlic oil. This potent flavour is an out and out fish catcher especially when used in conjunction with our Sour Cream flavour at a level of 2.5ml of Hot Dog and 2ml of Sour Cream per 500g of base mix. Otherwise 2 to 3ml will add a killer flavour to any base mix."
  • Belgian Chocolate: "One of DT’s original flavours offered in the range was called Just Chocolate and over the years the manufacturers recipe had changed so as a company we had obsoleted it.  Talking this over with our friends Forgotten Flavours in Belgium they set to work and they managed to get various chocolate flavour samples. On a visit to see them we were presented with these samples and so impressed with the chosen one we have decided to do a Limited Edition Belgium Chocolate flavour for the home rollers our there. This is really a truly irresistible flavour that will make you feel hungry when rolling. If you are into your old school flavours this one will take you back down memory lane for sure."