Forgotten Flavours Fav Flavour Range I Pineapple Express 50 ml glass bottle

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A proper Pineapple flavour. Like the Ester Pineapple flavour from the past, this one is as close as one gets. A favourite of many to come in the future and if you're looking for a proper Pineapple plus flavour this one has your name on it!

Nothing chemical smell or taste to it, but instead a proper flavour, just like Pineapple juice!
Great to combine with our Lacto Milky D power palatant or a few drops of LMSE, Scopex, Milky Icecream or Dairy Cream. 🍍🍨
All Forgotten Favourites Flavours will be supplied in glass, European made 50ml bottles with a very tight screw cap.

We are thrilled to announce we will have a dedicated Forgotten Flavours Favourites range available for you all very soon! Inspired by the oldskool Dave Thorpe bottles, with the Forgotten Flavours twist.
We have worked with the largest flavour houses in the world to create this specific range of flavours and combinations, which all will be exclusive to the Forgotten Flavours chain. Based on the experience from a few under the radar carp anglers, we have been able to crack the code of a few of these flavours.
After many years of working with what many consider to be the best flavours and additives ever made in carp fishing history, we have decided to take a U-turn and twist things around to bring back some of those old-school classics.

Forgotten Favourites Flavour range is to be used as a FISHING LURE only and is NOT to be used as bait or food for fish. Therefore, all Forgotten Flavours hookbaits are not intended for feed or seen as animal feed. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.