Ltd. Ed. SUNSET shirt - hoodie I Black - Burgundy - Forrest

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A shirt and hoodie in true punk/hardcore style with a modern twist, as concepted by Gio and designed by Eve together with a Serbian hardcore kid. Original pic by our Dutch friend Jorik Pompen, playing a big carp at sunset. 

We have this design both as a shirt and as a hoodie, in the colours Black - Burgundy - Forrest Green. Printed on high quality fairwear fabric. Also, to get this effect on the print right, this design needed four layers of ink, hence they're a tad more expensive than other shirts and hoodies in our range. Went like hot cakes at Carp Den Bosch this year!

* Fairwear fabric
* Normal - Medium fit, deffo not wide
* Silk screen printed in Belgium
* Discreet, small rear neck size icon