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Our newest MC#19 started dropping with subscribers today, so here's a little preview of yet another killer issue. On the cover we have this mega mega image by underwater photographer Frank Doll @unterwasserfrank, followed by a sweet piece regarding his diving life where we walk the thin line between irony and reality of divers versus anglers. Next up is cool kid Gabriel Blatterspiel @_cityforce with an English column titled Choose Carp about Urban Carping - Trainspotting style. A must read. We also have JP Wix @jpwix in true Scarface style, then @johnnyhaars_carpangler calling the underground about Belgium's biggest commons & last but not least an interview with Belgian secret squirrel @davy.claus in which truth, love & honesty prevail. Some mega insights into the brain of one of Belgium's carp angling underdogs - Davy calls himself an outcast - too! Anyway, another mag we publish with lots of pride! X

Dutch/Flemish written. 100 pages. Single issue 8,95 euros, subscription 15,99 euros + shipping Benelux – 24,99 EU/UK