MC x Bernot Caps handmade 5 panel I Australian Auscam camou with olive sides and brim

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Here's another in our unique series with Bernot Caps, a handmade 5 panel in Australian Auscam camou with olive sides and brim. Keen MC followers will know that we love a fair bit of camou and this Auscam is very rare. In our Vintage series on the site we once had a bodywarmer in Auscam.

Fully adjustable.

General info:

Right before Carp Den Bosch '24 we struck an exclusive collab with the Vilnius based artist over at Bernot Caps, a young and professional dude coming from the skate scene and upcycling old Nike, The North Face, Carhartt, etc. garments into unique, one off 5 panels. For a long time we were looking for someone to do this for us as well, as we had a good number of ideas with old camou/military jackets etc. Plus unique items are totally up our street and what people love about our brand. You simply cannot find us at every corner or in loads of tackle shops, so chances are low you will run into someone wearing exactly the same from us.

Anyway, for Carp Den Bosch we then had roughly 20 different pieces of 5 panels and bush hats and these were gone in a jiffy. Prices are not cheap on these, but remember/consider these are handmade, unique and shipping material to Vilnius and back is just very costly. In the States these upcycled type of 5 panels go for 175-325 dollars per piece standard...