MC x Forgotten Flavours collab pop ups - wafters - spray I Acid P

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Monkey Climber X Forgotten Flavours sticking together once again! These Belgian boys with a big love for old school carping mixed with some modern day touches are known for teaming up and sharing knowledge, resulting in some amazing pop up collabs over the years (Belgian Chocs, Green Beasts, Coffee Cream, Evaporated Milk & Ice Cream to name but a few) and a key limited edition glass bottle Underground Flavour Range like no one has on the market these days. Speaking of products that aren't available these days or very very rare to come by, FF X MC are now launching the Acid P's; a highly buoyant pop up as ever with an attractor combination that has an incredible track record. Think of the purest of of pear flavours (the stuff that makes you cough your lungs out), a mixture of esters, and a touch of OG sweetener to round it all off. Coming in the brightest orange, available as 15mm pop ups, 12x15mm wafters and for anyone that wants to cough even more we're doing an Acid P spray this time too.