MC x Forgotten Flavours x Wofte collab pop ups I Fruit Cocktail 15mm

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It's not often that a collab between three brands in Carp Fishing happens, but here is a mega one, the second one we actually do between the three of us. Limited Edition Wofte X Monkey Climber X Forgotten Flavours 'Fruit Cocktail' pop-ups. 

Concepted by Dieter bringing through the summer vibes with this zesty 'Fruit Cocktail' flavour blend. A mixture of different esters like Green Zing, Pineapple and others. Hand rolled to perfection in Belgium, and approved by us on our Euro travels. We also provided this sweet collab with an even sweeter collaborative label. 

14mm whites only, 100ml tubs. Limited Edition.
Each brand holds limited stock between 50 - 75 pots each through our own outlets. Be quick!

PS We also do a cured version over here at MC which is slighty more expensive due to the longer curing period and the need for extra liquids and powders.