MC x Signalwood Scaly Baby bobbins I White - Dark

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Last week we put a post up on our socials showing the prototypes of these handmade, ltd. ed. MC x Signalwood collab bobbins and our inbox went red hot! We made up a reservation list, but lots of people already wanted to pay for these to secure their order.

So we've set up this preorder system.


*Body only, Size ,Style as shown Sample (see pics please) 
*Handmade, each bobbin is unique, only available for us and just one batch is going to be made
*Size: 30 x 18mm 
*Weight: ca. 11gr 
*Color: White or Black (Dark version)
*Material: HandCast Resin / Natural Wood, 50/50%. Not machined, truly and uniquely handbuilt and hand sanded, etc. hence the higher price per piece. May slightly differ in colour and design individually.
*Inliner: Stainless Steel with 2 x Thread 2BA, fits Matrix, Solar, etc. We can also supply Signalwood stainless steel chains, hockeys, brackets and ball clips. Ask us!
*Delivery date to Monkey Climber: end of September, beginning of October!

Secure yours now and preorder. Please notice you may want to order other Monkey Climber merch/mags along with these, which is no problem but everything will be shipped in one go unless customers want to pay extra for shipping 2x (again, ask us to sort).

We plan to make 350 in total (pieces, not sets) and can go to a maximum of 500. These will be sought after in the years to come!

Any questions, please ask! This info is written in English, but we speak a lot of European languages. Anyone having a problem with the above in English, please ask us in your own language.