MC x Waasland Tackle Shop collab pop ups I Butterflies 15mm (OG Scopex)

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We've teamed up with Hengelsport Waasland, a befriended Belgian tackle shop in St-Niklaas, for these fantastic limited edition collab pop up! Glenn and Gilbert, the owners of the shop, came up with this great Butterfly type smell and label, so we came up with this classic combo of OG, real deal Scopex, mixed with Hutchy's Egg & Milk and an old Butter flavour. The result is just perfect.

Most of these will go to the shop itself but we've kept limited numbers for our close friends, fans, followers and collectors.

*15 mm only
*Perfectly shaped
*Available in white and pink only
*We also do a cured version which is mega potent, but a tad more expensive as well due to the long curing period and need of more liquid and our Pure Cure sweetener.