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Witness a rebirth. When we started out with the mag five years ago there was this huge tendency over here in the Benelux of every man and his dog going to French commercial fisheries to quickly catch a huge series of 40s. For whatever reason people are doing that, we are not the ones to judge really unless in those cases where carp are being stolen to fill up their seemingly bottomless pits. It even got to this point anglers fishing public waters in the Benelux and France were no longer being portrayed in most of the main mags over here as at best they caught in one season what the commercial anglers were able to do in a week... With the mag and with this shirt we wanted to support the public ticket anglers again, the ones fishing the big canals, river systems and sandpits over here. Where the carp are sometimes far and few, and their size much smaller than some of the commercials' egoes. The message is positive, not anti. You know it makes sense.

* Limited edition
* Available in Chocolate Brown, Black and Burgundy
* High quality 100% 165gm soft touch combed cotton
* Normal fit
* Silk screen printed in Belgium
* Discreet, small rear neck Monkey Climber size icon