Monkey Climber Gorilla Biscuits bobbins I Various colours

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A couple of friends and followers with a tackle shop made us a batch of these smart Monkey Climber Logo Head bobbins which sold out at the Den Bosch show straight away. Now we finally have a new batch in. Hand/machine made perfection, coming straight from Germany/Austria. These broke the internet as a many of you lot confused them with dance candy :-) These can be used both as hangers or as swingers, are ultralight (weights can be added) and look sick AF. Nobody did these before in carp fishing. Limited numbers only.


*Body only
*Size: approx 31 x 30mm 
*3D with 2BA Thread, fits Matrix, Solar, etc. We can also supply stainless steel chains, hockeys, brackets and ball clips. Ask us!
*Colours (clockwise): Dark Grey, White, Purple, Glow In The Dark, Baby Blue, Sand, Rust, Dark Pink (not pictured this one) 

Any questions, please ask! This info is written in English, but we speak a lot of European languages. Anyone having a problem with the above in English, please ask us in your own language.