My Big Carp Buzz book by Darrell Peck (only official Euro distro!)

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Finally for the first time available on the Euro market, Darrell Peck's My Big Carp Buzz. Shipping is calculated for the main Euro countries we ship to, if you're living in a corner of Europe it might be the case we will need to add a couple of Euros because of the weight of the book.

"If you have read “My Misspent Youth”, then you will know the story of a passionate tackle shop Saturday boy that went on to catch some of the UK’s most sought after carp.
My Big Carp Buzz picks up from where I left off and covers my fishing through my 30’s - from the year 2012, until 2021. Chapters 1-5 take place at some of the UK’s most famous venues, before chapters 6, and 7 recount two extremely intensive stints in Belgium searching for a new personal best. Having now dipped my toe into the European scene the English Channel is no longer a factor when deciding where next.. As a teenager a Rod Hutchinson Carp Scene magazine had been hugely inspirational, and in particular the story of his month long stint at lac D Orient. Now in my 30s I felt confident enough to fish alone in Europe, and longed to experience a lengthy autumnal stint upon one of the infamous mud beaches of the champagne region of France. One of my biggest drivers has always laid in progressively testing myself, and at 6000 acres Lac Foret D’ Orient was ‘my’ Everest. To this day I regard Orient as THE pinnacle of ‘my’ own carp fishing adventures and I truly believed if I could catch them here I could catch them anywhere. The sessions relived in chapters 6,7 and 9 are amongst those I am most proud off and really serve to open my eyes to what is on offer beyond the crowded banks of the UK big carp scene. The middle chapters cover a mixture of angling from both home and abroad, with tales of a Dutch record carp, two Belgian canal giants, The Coconut Common from Bayeswater, and some forgotten old English leviathans. The last few chapters then recount two extremely successful campaigns at Wellington Country Park and The Wasing Estate, and take the total number of UK 50lbers within this single book to an unprecedented 10!
Ultimately this is the continuation of the same old story really. An extremely single minded, and determined lad that loves to hunt big carp above all else. Join me for the adventure, as I continue to search out My Big Carp Buzz."