OG Maple Squid pop ups I Deep Orange 15mm

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In the mid to late 90s Nashy's Squid mixes (All Season mainly) took our Benelux scene apart. As a spin off Gary Bayes came up with Maple Squid, a combo a lot of the old schoolers will remember dearly. Recently we found a full bottle of this combo in a French tackle shop that was closing, along with its dedicated dip. So we got the ball, ermm pop up, rolling: OG Maple Squid flavour, combined with the best Honey flavour on today's market (think of old Nutrabaits version) and CC Moore's old liquid Talin. The result is outstanding: a nice, round of smell and taste and something that's on you hands for hours, if not days!

*15 mm only
*Perfectly shaped
*Available in deep orange only
*We also do a cured version with the Maple Squid dip & which is mega potent, but a tad more expensive as well due to the long curing period and need of more liquid and our Pure Cure sweetener.