Pin Badges I MC x Kids In Minds Angling charity collab handmade brass pins (3 sizes)

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At Monkey Climber we just love pin badges & for a long time we wanted to do something together with and for Kids In Mind Angling in the UK (equivalent of our Carp College in the Benelux). The Smith family behind KIMA proof to be real artists and made these three sizes of brass pins by hand and got our permission to sell these for their cause in the UK, now raising 550 GBP already! We just got a batch in for Euro collectors too and would love to raise towards 1k GBP now. There's three sizes as shown in the pics, due to being handmade and charity their prices are a tad higher than usually. Also need to say that the smallest size was the most difficult to make for the Smiths and not always perfect (but collectors might want the smallest size too).

PS Shipping might seem high, but these need to be send in a parcel due to regulations over here. If you are only after some pins and nothing else, please group an order with friends to split shipping. There's nothing we can do here, sorry!