Pitboss hoodie Mk.2 I Black - Burgundy - Olive

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Modern take on one of our very first and heaviest designs, the MC Crew aka Pitboss - We rule your pit! We believe this design was first released back in 2013/14ish, at a time when we only new the basics of clothing production and only could offer good but standard quality items. In time we discovered a whole world and are now heavier into fairwear garments that sit very well and are just top quality. These are more expensive but lots of our customers always ask do you have this or that design also as a fairwear option. This lead us to order a batch of our OG Pitboss hoodies in top quality fairwear fabrics, releasing them in three colours: Black - Olive - Burgundy.

* Limited edition
* High quality fairwear cotton
* Normal to medium fitted
* Silk screen printed in Belgium
* Discreet, small rear neck size icon