Swedish Camou pocket tee I Dusty Mint XL, XXL or XXXL

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Got a handful of Dusty Mint tees with a sick Swedish Camou pocket in production atm. Only got these in XL, XXL and 3XL. Fairwear fabric, medium fit.


General info about our Pocket Tees:

A company's first! Monkey Climber's unique Pocket Tees, the first in angling history, coming in a wide array of designs! What's more, each and every pocket is perfectly and professionally cut and sewed onto your garment by our hands. Proper DIY! Every piece is slightly different and unique too in this way.

* Limited edition
* Available in wide variety of designs
* High quality 100% 165gm soft touch combed cotton
* Medium fit (Dusty Mint) 
* Silk screen printed in Belgium
* Discreet, small rear neck Monkey Climber size icon