Vintage Jeans Punk Wool Jacket I A Fresh Wave size XS/S (only 1 made)

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For one of Europe's finest shows, Carp Zwolle that is, we gave a limited number of vintage stuff to our sewing lady and merch suppliers so they could let their magic work. Needless to say these went like hot cakes at the show. We do have a few leftovers though and here's a proper one off vintage Punk Jeans/Wool Heavy Jacket in near mint condition, sporting a Monkey Climber logo patch on the front. On the back there's this mega Fresh Wave patch, sporting the now iconic Phil Cottenier pic we had in our very first issue. Sizes like an S/XS. Very neat and unique item with lots of details. Only one made! Coming with proof of authenticity.

* Limited, one off only!
* Vintage, not new but upcycled.
* Unique piece