MC x CC Moore collab pop ups I Ultraspice 15mm

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Since a good few years we've done some mega collab pop ups with our friends over at CC Moore, for the Carp Zwolle shows only. Since there's been no shows in the past two years, we decided to drop a collab pop up for y'all on our webshop. CC Moore got their hands on some very tasty spice flavour, which is very identical to the OG Ultraspice of the 80s and a new limited edition was born! Available as standard in the tub, but also as a longer cured version with extra liquids and powders. 

Update Nov 14th: By popular request we have now 25 x the MC x CC Moore Hookbait Booster Liquid in the shop. This dedicated flavour comes in 50ml (not in 100ml as shown on the sample we received earlier on). This product is the third in the drop down menu on here.