Check out what's new in our store today!

Check out what's new in our store today!

Last Saturday we did a small product shoot with our photographer Zjerome over at Basiel Coffeebar in Bruges. Here's an overview of the newly added products in the shop.

Pop ups

MC x Waasland Tackle Shop collab Butterfly pop ups (OG Scopex)

We've teamed up with Hengelsport Waasland, a befriended Belgian tackle shop in St-Niklaas, for these fantastic limited edition collab pop up! Glenn and Gilbert, the owners of the shop, came up with this great Butterfly type smell and label, so we came up with this classic combo of OG, real deal Scopex, mixed with Hutchy's Egg & Milk and an old Butter flavour. The result is just perfect.

Most of these will go to the shop itself but we've kept limited numbers for our close friends, fans, followers and collectors.

OG Maple Squid pop ups

In the mid to late 90s Nashy's Squid mixes (All Season mainly) took our Benelux scene apart. As a spin off Gary Bayes came up with Maple Squid, a combo a lot of the old schoolers will remember dearly. Recently we found a full bottle of this combo in a French tackle shop that was closing, along with its dedicated dip. So we got the ball, ermm pop up, rolling: OG Maple Squid flavour, combined with the best Honey flavour on today's market (think of old Nutrabaits version) and CC Moore's old liquid Talin. The result is outstanding: a nice, round of smell and taste and something that's on you hands for hours, if not days!

Emic N-Butyric pop ups

The best Evaporated Milk and Ice Cream flavour you can find on today's market combined with a low level of good old N-Butyric. Rounded of with a dash of LMSE these are quite irresistible! Get them here.

Esterella pop ups

Our most popular Esterella pop ups now come standard in four colours instead of the two we already did: White, Subtle Pink, Bright Pink and Orange. Based around a secret formula involving two types of esters, n buteryc acid and betaine. Standard and cured versions available.

And hey, our kid loves an Esterella too :-)

Cotton Flannel Shirt

Thanks to a befriended Austrian angler who is active in the clothing industry we could lay our hands on a limited number of these cotton flannel shirts. Much to the joy of our editor Gio who just loves to wear 'em. Slightly oversized but not too much. Get yours while you can.


Our popular Logo Patch Snapbacks are coming in various colours already, now we've added three new colourways you will like. Multicam camou, Camou with Black Peak & Black with Camou Peak. Limited amount available only, be quick!


Kiddo wear

We've been doing custom Kiddo stuff for a long time but never made them available on our here due to the variety of sizes and colours possible (depending on availability at our suppliers). Until now... You won't be able to choose your colour and size on here, but you'll be able to add one to your order, after which we will discuss over the email what you exactly want (and we'll check for availability).

On the pic you see our own 5 year old wearing a Lilac crewneck with a camou pocket. (We only have 1 Lilac available in 7-8 years old and 4 in 11-12 years.)


Added two dedicated links to two colourways we hadn't shot professionally before. Forrest Green & Midnight Blue Camus mugs.


New in the sticker collection of our shop are these pop up / hookbait tub stickers. We never planned to sell these, but after so many requests we finally decided to sell the stickers for our pop up tub lids. So you DIY pop up / hookbait makers can start your own collection.

Also never planned to sell empty tubs for your homemade hookbaits / pop ups but after so many requests every week, we've put some in the shop too.


After interviewing Dave Levy over at Wraysbury for the 17th issue of our magazine a lot of you asked us about his Fallen Kings book which is a bit harder to get in Europe, especially since Brexit. We got a couple of boxes in now!

What's up next?

We're never sitting still and always buzzing with ideas really. At the moment, we are working hard to make that long promised English edition happen. If you want to reserve your copy, put your name down on

There's also three illustrators working on new shirt and mag illustrations we have. We'll drop some dedicated hookbait flavours like Choc B, Esterella, Iceberg, Thick Squid, Belgian Fizz, Peach Juice and Mulberry Mash soon. And we got at least five proper sick collabs coming this year that will surprise friend and foe!

Thx for your support!


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