Help in raising another £2494.04 for A Bite Out Of Cancer

Help in raising another £2494.04 for A Bite Out Of Cancer

A Bite Out Of Cancer, a UK charity run by anglers and main man Mike Smith is a cause we like to support as much as we can. For their recent event we gave a 48hr session on our exclusive syndicate away and helped raising £2494.04 this time.

In total, Mike and his crew raised a total of £36,048.50 since 2017 already! Respect!


There's quite a few over the past decade which we never really recorded, so from now (mid 2021) on we would like to do so on here with every charity blog post we do:

Help in raising £2494.04 for A Bite Out Of Cancer (2023)

£1100 for Kids In Mind Angling (2023)

£600 out of a £8,735.00 total raised for The Men's Mind Project (2023)

1.000 euros for KWO's For The Future stocking project (2023)

350 euros for Vissen voor Louise (2023)

525 GBP for Down Syndrome Association (2023)

1.100 GBP for Mikey's Wish (2023)

Unknown total amount for FODCAC (2022)

3.260 GBP for Phyillis Tuckwell hospice (2021-22)

970 GBP for Breast Cancer Research (2021)

4.000 GBP for Mikey's Wish (2021)

1.800 GBP for Lucy's Bowl (2021)

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